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Other Exemptions Tab > Disabled Non-Veteran Required Documentation

The Disabled Non-Veteran docs page is associated with the Other Exemptions Tab.  This page allows the applicant to upload proof of disability.

1.Upload a copy of your completed DR-416 or DR-416B.

2.Upload a copy of your additional DR-416 or DR-416B (if necessary).

Click here for instructions on how to upload a document or here for help importing a photo from your phone to your PC.


You can only upload one image (.jpeg, .bmp, .png, etc.) or pdf file.

If you upload a new file to the page, the file previously uploaded will be overwritten by the new file.

The example shown below is for a Quadriplegic exemption

non veteran

NOTE: Once you submit your application you can not re-enter your application to upload additional supporting document. Please be sure to upload any supporting documents before you submit your application.