Driver License Tab

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The Driver License Tab asks for information to establish state of Florida residency for exemption purposes.  As the user chooses "Yes" or "No" to questions on the tab, those choices may lead to additional pages with more specific questions.  Each additional page has links (aka breadcrumbs) that allow the user to navigate back to each previous page visited.

Disclosure of the applicant's Florida driver license (DL) or Florida identification card number (ID) is mandatory.  The DL / ID number must be current and not expired.   The information will be used to verify taxpayer identity and Homestead Exemption information submitted.  

Florida Driver License or Florida ID#:  Enter the full Florida Driver License or Florida Identification Card number.

Date Issued (mm/dd/yyyy)*: Date license/card was issued.

Do you currently hold a driver's license in another state?        Choose Yes or No. (Selecting "Yes" will prompt the wizard to request a copy of the applicant's out-of-state license relinquishment receipt.)

                                                               NOTE:  If you do not have the driver license relinquishment paperwork, the DMV can provide you a copy.)

Out of State Driver License Relinquishment Receipt

Upload a copy of your license relinquishment receipt.

Click here for instructions on how to upload a document


o You can only upload one image (.jpeg, .bmp, .png, etc.) or pdf file.

o If you upload a new file to the page, the file previously uploaded will be overwritten by the new file.