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Additional Notes for the Homes for the Aged Exemption

Florida Statute 196.1975 provides the guidelines for the exemption for property used by nonprofit homes for the aged.

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1)Those portions of the home devoted exclusively to one of the following are exempt from ad valorem taxation

a)Religious services  - OR -

b)Rendering of nursing or medical services

2)Those portions of the home that are not used for exempt purposes may be valued and placed upon the tax rolls separately from any portion entitled to exemption pursuant to FS 196.1975

3)Property Appraiser Valuation

a)FS 196.1975 (9) In a home in which at least 25 percent of the units or apartments are restricted to or occupied by persons meeting the 'AX2' Exemption income requirements, the common areas of that home are also exempt from taxation.

b)FS 196.1975 (12) When it becomes necessary for the property appraiser to determine the value of a unit, he or she shall include in such valuation the proportionate share of the common areas, including the land, fairly attributable to such unit, based upon the value of such unit in relation to all other units in the home, unless the common areas are otherwise exempted.

4)A Note about Financing

FS 196.1975 (10) Homes for the aged, or life care communities which are financed through the sale of health facilities authority bonds or bonds of any other public entity are exempt from ad valorem taxation.