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Ownership Information

The Current Owner page provides the name(s) and address (mailing and location) of the owners we have on record for the selected parcel/property.  

Take a moment to review the owner information shown and make any necessary changes. Click "Next" to continue with the application process. 

Property Address

1. Parcel ID indicates the parcel identification number for the selected property.

2. Property Address is pre-populated with the location address on file for the selected property.

Current Mailing Address

3. Mailing Address is pre-populated with mailing address on file for property owner(s).

4. Is the current mailing address correct? Choose Yes or No. (If the current mailing address is incorrect, selecting "No" will take you to a screen where you can make updates or corrections.)

Current Owners

The Current Owners section provides a list with the names of owners of record for the selected property.

5. Are you one of the owners listed above? Choose Yes or No. (Selecting "No" will take you to the Deed Notice Page)

6. Did you occupy the home on January 1st (of this year)? Choose Yes or No.

Website Current Owners

Mobile Version: 

Mobile version of Website Current Owners

If you are not listed as a current owner, you will receive the message listed below:

NOTE:  If you receive the following notice, it could mean that our records may need to be updated with new owner information before you can continue the application process. Records are typically updated within 30 - 60 days after the deed or other legal document is recorded with our office.)  

At this time, you will not be able to file for an exemption online. 

If you recently purchased the property and the listed owners are incorrect, your new deed has not yet been processed by our office. 

If you DID NOT recently purchase the property and the listed owners are incorrect, please contact our office

You can file for an exemption at one of our offices. Click here to find office locations. For further assistance, contact us at (863) 534-4777 or pahelpdesk@polk-county.net

Thank you.

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