Exemptions Online Help

Property Tax Exemption Wizard

"Please be sure to use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the page to navigate. Using the browser’s Forward and Back buttons will cause you to exit the online filing application."

Once you have indicated which owners will apply for one or more exemptions, the Property Tax Exemption Wizard will begin.  The wizard steps the user through the process of completing an exemption application by following the path outlined by the tabs in the Wizard.  Each tab allows the user to enter specific information that will help the wizard determine eligibility for one or more exemptions.  

The Other Property, and Other Exemption Tabs have additional pages associated with them.  As the user chooses "Yes" or "No" to questions on the tab, those choices may lead to additional pages with more specific questions.  Each additional page has links (aka breadcrumbs) that allow the user to navigate back to each previous page visited.

On all tabs/pages, fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.  All information required/requested by the wizard is also requested and/or required by the Florida Department of Revenue's application(s) for homestead and related tax exemptions.

Exemption Wizard Pages and Tabs

Personal Tab

Residency Tab

Other Property Tab

> Other Property Location

> Previous Exemption

> Portability

> Portability Info

Other Exemptions Tab

> Disabled Veteran/ First Responder

> VA Letter

> Disabled Non-Veteran

> Income Limited Disability

> Senior Exemption

> Widow/Widower Exemption

> Death Certificate

Signature Page

Thank You Page

Pending Application Page