Exemptions Online Help

Searching For and Selecting a Parcel

Once you click "Get Started" on the Welcome page, the Property Search page will appear.  

Follow the instructions provided to locate the property/parcel for which you wish to file an exemption.  If you do not see the instructional text below, you may need to Sign In.

Website search page

Once you click the Search Records button, a list of parcels matching the search criteria you entered will appear.  Click the blue parcel ID number (xx-xx-xx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx) to select a parcel.  

The Parcel Detail page for the parcel you selected will open.   

website file exemption

The Parcel detail page contains general information about the parcel including current owner, address and exemptions, sales history, buildings on the parcel, a map of the parcel, and assessment / taxable value information.  

Click the "File Exemption" Link to continue the exemption filing process 

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