Applicants Page

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The Applicants page allows the user (that is currently signed in) to select which owners will apply for one or more tax exemptions.  For each applicant, you will be asked a series of questions before moving on to the next applicant.  

Owner Name is a list of  the owners of record for the selected property.

Apply For? Choose Yes or No.  (Selecting "Yes" means that you intend to complete and sign an exemption application.)

Application Status provides information about the current status of the exemption application for a specific owner.  The applicant status may be one of the following:

o Not Started indicates that an exemption application has not been started.

o Incomplete  indicates that an exemption application has been started, but has not been completed and signed.

o Complete indicates that an exemption application has been completed and signed.

NOTE:  Once you have completed the exemption filing process for an owner, the application for that owner is locked and cannot be accessed.  

Clicking "Next" on the Applicants Page will take the user to the Personal Page and display the Applicant Notice. You must click to accept the notice in order to proceed. If you do not wish to accept the terms of the applicant notice, you can close the browser window to discontinue use of the exemption application.