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Other Exemptions Tab > Disabled Non-Veteran

The Disabled Non-Veteran page is associated with the Other Exemptions Tab.  This page allows the user to apply for / upload the required documentation proving disability.  

To Apply for:

1.Legally Blind Exemption: Click Yes or No 

2.Totally & Permanently Disabled Exemption: Click Yes or No 

3.Quadriplegic Exemption: Click Yes or No

4. Legally Blind, Paraplegic, Hemiplegic, or Wheelchair-Bound Exemption (Income Limited Exemption): Click Yes or No 

NOTE:  This exemption has an income requirement.

(Selecting "Yes" to any of the questions above will prompt the wizard to ask the applicant to upload proof of disability)

non veteran

Mobile version: 

Note: You will need to swipe within the table to scroll right and see the rest of the table to select the exemption you are applying for. 

mobile version of non veteran