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First Responder Total and Permanent Disability Exemption 

First Responder Total and Permanent Disability Exemption of 100% are available to first responders who are totally and permanently disabled as a result of an injury. 

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Total and Permanently Disabled First Responder Exemption Details


100% Exemption

How to Apply:

Apply using the Online Exemption Filing Application.  You may also apply in person or by mail / fax / email.


The applicant must:

1) qualify for and receive Homestead Exemption

2) be totally and permanently disabled as a result of an injury or injuries sustained in the line of duty in this state


First Responder: 

1) Employer Certification of Injury

2) Accident or Incident Report

3) First Responder's Physician Certificate of Total and Permanent Disability.

4) Award letter from the Social Security Administration -OR- Additional physician certificate from a different Florida licensed physician not related or in the same medical practice as the first and a Document from SSA stating applicant is not eligible to receive a medical status determination.

Surviving Spouse: First Responder documentation and Death Certificate of qualified spouse.

Surviving Spouse:

Exemption carries over UNTIL spouse remarries, sells, or no longer resides on property.  EX does transfer to new homestead residence.

How to Renew:

If approved, this exemption will renew automatically every year as long as the  use of the property and/or the ownership status does not change

Florida Statute(s):

FS 196.102

DOR Form(s):

If submitted by mail/fax or in person Department of Revenue Form DR-501

PA Code(s):

004, S04