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First Responder/Service Member/Veteran exemptions

Special categories of exemptions are available to homeowners in Florida who are first responders disabled in the line of duty, are deployed in the military or are veterans of the U.S. military and were honorably disabled while in the military service. 

Service members who are unable to file for a Homestead Exemption in person because of a service obligation may file the claim through next of kin or through any other person who has been authorized in writing to file on behalf of the service member. (See section 196.071, Florida Statutes.) 

When a person serving in the Armed Forces owns a property and uses it as a homestead, the service member may rent out the homestead without abandoning the claim to the Homestead Exemption. (See section 196.061, Florida Statutes.)

Exemptions include: 

Disabled Veteran/Surviving Spouse - Disability Level of 10% or greater due to Misfortune

Disabled Veteran/Surviving Spouse - Service Connected Total & Permanent Disability  or Confined to a Wheelchair

Discount for Veterans 65 and Older with a Combat-Related Disability 

Deployed Military Exemption 

First Responder Surviving Spouse

First Responder Total and Permanent Disability/Surviving Spouse