Total & Permanent Disability or Wheelchair Confined

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Disabled Veteran - Service Connected Total & Permanent Disability  or Confined to a Wheelchair

Total Veteran's Disability Exemptions are available to honorably discharged veterans with a service-connected total and permanent disability. This exemption provides total and complete tax relief for all property tax on the veteran's primary residence.

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Exemption Details


100% Exemption

How to Apply:

Apply using the Online Exemption Filing Application.  You may also apply in person or by mail / fax / email.


The applicant must:

1) qualify for and receive Homestead Exemption

2) have been discharged under honorable conditions

3) be totally and permanently disabled OR confined to a wheelchair as a result of military service


Proof of disability (letter or certificate) from the United States Government or the United States Department of Veterans Affairs

How to Renew:

If approved, this exemption will renew automatically every year as long as the  use of the property and/or the ownership status does not change

Florida Statute(s):

FS 196.081 and FS 196.091

DOR Form(s):

If submitted by mail/fax or in person Department of Revenue Form DR-501

PA Code(s):

001, 003


Under some circumstances, the benefit of this exemption can carry over to the surviving spouse.

Service members who are unable to file a Homestead Exemption in person because of a service obligation may file the claim through next of kin or through any other person who has been authorized in writing to file on behalf of the service member. (See section 196.071, Florida Statutes.)

When a person serving in the Armed Forces owns a property and uses it as a homestead, the service member may rent out the homestead without abandoning the claim to the Homestead Exemption. (See section 196.061, Florida Statutes.)