Residency Tab

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The Residency Tab asks for information to establish state of Florida residency for exemption purposes.  If you do not know the exact date you moved to Florida, enter the first day of the estimated month and year.  If you were born in Florida, enter your birth date.

Date you LAST became a permanent resident of Florida (mm/dd/yyyy)*: Enter the date you were last established as a resident of Florida  (MM/DD/YYYY format).

                                                               NOTE:  If you established residency more than once, enter the most recent date.

Date of Occupancy  (mm/dd/yyyy)*: Enter the date you occupied the residence for which you are applying.

Voter Registration Number: Enter the applicant's voter registration number.

Voter Registration Date  (mm/dd/yyyy)*: Enter the issue date on the applicant's voter registration card.

Vehicle Tag #: Enter the applicant's vehicle registration number.

Vehicle Tag State: Enter the state the vehicle is registered in.