Other Exemptions Tab > Statement of Household Income

If the user applies for an exemption that has an income requirement, he/she will be asked to click a link to complete the statement of household income.

Click here for the current income limitation rate

The user should click the Add new household member link to begin entering income information (see screenshot below).  

add new household member

NOTE:  Enter monetary amounts as 0.00 in the Income Worksheet.

statement of income

Click here for instructions on how to upload a document


•  You can only upload one image (.jpeg, .bmp, .png, etc.) or pdf file for each document requested.

•  To replace an uploaded document, browse for the new file and once selected, it will replace the original document.

•  All fields marked with ab asterisk (*) are required.

Once all information has been entered, click the "Save" button to go back to the "Add new household member" page.

Once you have entered the income information for all household members answer ‘Yes’ to the question below. 

Statement of Income Confirmation