Exemptions Online Help

Troubleshooting Tips

1.Computer / Browser Requirements:  Please see our troubleshooting page for recommended computer and web browser requirements.

2.Confidential Parcels:  You cannot use the Online Exemption Filing Application to apply for exemptions on properties that are confidential per Florida Statute 119.071.

3.Do Not use Browser Forward and Back Buttons:  To ensure the best experience possible, please be sure to use the applications Previous and Next buttons to navigate. Using the browser's Forward and Back buttons will cause you to exit the online filing application.

4.Session Time Out:  The Online Exemption Filing Application "times out" after 4 hours, all data entered and saved is maintained when your session is closed.

5.Clear the Browser Cache:  If you are having problems using the application or it seems to be running slowly, try to clear the browser's cache, then exit the browser and return to the sign-in page. (Information up to and including the last page you completed will be saved if you exit.)

6.Zoom Web Page to Enlarge:  If you are having trouble viewing text on a web page, you can use the Zoom feature of your web browser to make the text larger.

If you are unable to resolve an issue, please call our help desk at (863) 534-4765.

Links / information that may be helpful:

1.How to Clear the Browser Cache

2.How to Scan a Document to PDF

3.Zoom Web Page to Enlarge

4. How to Upload a Document

To upload a required document complete the steps below:

a)Scan the required documentation to your computer.  This link may be helpful:  How to scan a document to PDF

b)Click the "Browse/Upload" button to upload the document.  

c)Locate the scanned/saved document on your computer.

d)Select the document/file by double clicking or selecting "Open".

Required Document Types for Exemptions

Additional Upload Notes

1.You may ONLY upload one file per page.  If you have several documents, you will need to scan all documents to one file.  This link may be helpful: How to scan a document to PDF

2.Uploading a new file to the page will overwrite the existing file.

3.If you are unable to scan and upload your documentation, please mail copies to our office along with the Online Filing Receipt that is provided upon completion of your application.

4.Incomplete applications or applications submitted without the required documentation will not be approved.